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GoPro Hero4 Black Mini Review

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Posted by admin on December 12, 2014 at 6:40 am

These days the action filming market is evolving at a super fast pace. One of the leading brands in the industry is GoPro and its cameras have flooded the market and received great acceptance amongst the action filming enthusiasts.

What makes these cameras so special and successful is their small, size the high quality films they produce and the high resolution videos they make. Also it is highly accepted is the wide angle captures it can produce.  
It is kind of hard to grasp that a digital camera so small (a little bigger than a packet of cigarettes) can achieve high quality captures at 4K at an outstanding 30 frames per second.
One disadvantage to GoPro Hero4 Silver is that Hero4 Black doesn’t have a screen to check your captures on the spot but you can easily overcome this by connecting the camera via Wi-Fi to a smart phone or tablet etc.

 New features of the GoPro Hero release is that with the latest models the naming changed a little bit plus Silver and Black are somehow more different than we have expected them to be. Naming changed in the sense that GoPro Hero White was named plain ‘Hero’ and that GoPro Silver has a touch screen whereas Hero4 Black doesn’t. But the Black has the super feature to capture videos in 4K at 430 fps or 1080p video at 120 fps!

It is on sale for 499$ which is somehow expensive, especially for someone that doesn’t have that much requirements. But you can get it cheaper if you can find a GoPro promo code somewhere. This device definitely has a lot of power and that kind of makes up for the price. It also has an awesome ability to tag any moment you want and thus save time when editing. It comes in a solid water proof housing and includes a bluetooth and a Wi-Fi.

GoPro Hero4 Black has a very common feel to the Hero3 Black when you first get your hands on it but soon you realise that it is on a different level. A great improvement or you could say a face-lift was applied to the menu or navigation system which was a little clumsy on previous models. The battery chamber is now accessible from the bottom of the camera plus it is more easy to open it. The battery type also changed in terms of watt and structure.

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